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Remote sensing and Earth observation

Remote sensing is the technique of observing and analyzing objects from a distance without being in direct contact with them. When studying the Earth we often use the term Earth observation, which covers also the gathering of information about Earth by supplementary surveying techniques.

Earth observation data are used for mapping the spatial and temporal distribution of Earth surface objects and features. It is also used for estimating the distribution of properties such as land vegetation biomass and land, or ocean surface temperature.    

The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science has been active in research and education in remote sensing since the early 1980’s. The emphasis is on environmental land applications of remote sensing, particularly related to land cover and vegetation. Among the first studies, research related to desertification was particularly important. The information received from earth satellites sometimes gave a different and more subtle understanding of the desertification processes than what was commonly accepted. In recent years, the department has done fundamental research in ecology by analyzing ecosystem processes, in order to increase the knowledge about how the systems operate and interact in the landscape.

We have focused on the extracting information from optical satellite data, which can be used for understanding ecosystem processes from a larger spatial and temporal perspective. Therefore it is important with knowledge of satellite technology and the information needs within different environmental application fields.

See Lund Earth Observation research group to read more about our research.

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