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NGEN03 Global Ecosystem Dynamics

Course home page fall 2016
This is the page for students on the course and contains access to the lecture notes and materials relevant to the course modules. It will be regularly up-dated with materials from the teacher team.

Anna Maria Jönsson is coordinating this course. We who are teaching on the course are the aforementioned, and in order of appearance on the course:

Mats Rundgren, Chiara Molinari, Dan Metcalf, Richard Bradshaw, Honor C Prentice, Oskar Löfgren, Martin Berggren, Ulrik Mårtensson and Lena Ström.

The course is composed of components dealing with specific themes within the larger ecosystems dynamics framework. Each theme is departing from the main course reading which consists of a series of books, of which the basic one is an e-book available for free for Lund University students (course reading list). The different teachers will also provide detailed reading instructions involving other sources, mainly scientific papers. Since the main course book could be considered as a background to the course WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you attend all lectures since these will develop the different themes significantly.

The course has four smaller projects that are presented in written format and discussed during a seminar session. These account for 20 % of the grading on the course. There is also a larger project at the end of the course, running from the beginning of December to the end of the course. This project is 30 % of the final grade. There is a written exam in the beginning of December which is contributing 50 % to the course grade. In order to pass the course you have to pass all course components and attend all compulsory exercises, seminars and presentations.

Course materials

(below is a list of the different components of the course, all course material is avialable on kursdata R:/NGEN03)


2016-10-31 Anna Maria Jönsson
PDF iconngen03-intro.pdf

Lecture notes and litterature are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016  Litterature - climate adaptation exercise


2016-10-31 Mats Rundgren and Chiara Molinari

Lecture notes are available on kursdata
R:\NGEN03\2016 - late quaternary changes\ngen03_computer_exercise.pdf


2016-11-10 Dan Metcalfe

Papers related to climate and forest interactions are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - role play materials - forests


2016-11-15 Honor C Prentice

Lecture notes are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - genetic evidence for immigration history

Two books give background to the biodiversity part of the course:

 ”Land mosaics : the ecology of landscapes and regions" by Forman

and  “ Ecological genetics" by Lowe et al.


2016-11-16 Oskar Löfgren

Lecture notes are available on kursdata
R:\NGEN03\2016 - landscape structures


2016-11-17 and 2016-11-21 Honor C Prentice

Lecture notes are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - drivers of species diversity


2016-11-16 Richard Bradshaw
Lecture notes are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - vegetation history and ecosystem dynamics


2016-11-07 Martin Berggren
Lecture notes are available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - climate change effects on aquatic systems


Project work

PDF iconngen03_project_work_2016.pdf

Example of review style article
Projects from 2014 for inspiration

Same information is available on kursdata

R:\NGEN03\2016 - project work



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