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Studying the Earth, climate and ecosystems

Physical geography and ecosystem science offers you the overview of how the Earth, the climate and ecosystems interact.


The Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science in Lund is dedicated to interdisciplinary studies of environmental and climate systems in local and global perspectives.

The width of our subject is a great advantage for example if you:

  • want to understand complex processes such as climate change.

  • want to learn how environmental change may impact human societies.

  • are curious about how ecosystems change in their species composition over time.

  • want to learn GIS, geographical information systems, which is a great tool in environmental monitoring.

These are only a few examples, but they all require the integrated understanding of how different systems interact in nature. This understanding is what  you learn when studying with us.

Field trips, laborations and lectures

As a student of the department, you will be part of an international environment among both staff and students. The lectures is often a mix of short and longer field trips, computer laborations, lectures, projects and seminars.

Job market for physical geographers

The programme offers training suitable for a wide range of professional roles. These could be, for instance:

  • work with climate and water issues
  • nature conservation planning
  • foreign aid work
  • EU related issues
  • handling of data and development of analytical methods

How to apply

Applications are done through the University Admissions in Sweden website  during the open periods. The international period opens in mid October with a deadline in mid January, and the Swedish national with a deadline in mid April.

Read more here at  University Admissions webpage

Read more about eligibility and how to apply

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