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Master’s programmes

We have four different master's programs that offer an in - depth study of the subject knowledge, with different specializations.

All our master's programs comprise 120 credits, corresponding to two years of full-time studies.

Master´s programmes at our department

Master´s programme in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

The program gives you an in-depth knowledge base in the physical geography subjects and several opportunities for specialization. As a student on the master´s programme, you are also prepared for jobs in social sectors and business. The education gives you high competence to work with more advanced tasks and complex issues in environmental, nature and climate change areas. After the education, you are also eligible to apply for postgraduate education.

Read more about the Master's programme in Physical Geography & Ecosystems Science

Master's programme in Geomatics

Geomatics is dealing with the distribution, collection, storage, processing, analysis and presentation of geographic data or geographic information. The programme begins with courses in computer science and statistics so that you as a student can understand the underlying theory of geomatics.

The second part deals with different processes in geographic information management:

  •     collection mainly with methods in geodesy and remote sensing
  •     storage and databases
  •     treatment with the most common geographical analysis algorithms,
  •     distribution, such as how standardized mapping services on the Internet work
  •     visualization and how to create user-friendly maps on paper and on screens

The third and final part deals with applications in the environmental and community building areas, such as surveys and mapping of global and local environmental problems as well as physical planning.

Read more about the Master's programme in Geomatics

Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnChil)

This program presents a multidisciplinary education in environmental sciences of the high latitudes. Due to accelerated changes, there is a need for experts with a multidisciplinary training. The programme is a joint Nordic master of Agricultural University of Iceland with Lund University and the University of Helsinki, and students will graduate from two universities. The master program includes one semester in Iceland and students will have access to courses and research projects at any of the four additional EnCHiL partners. The curriculum contains a mandatory mobility period of at least one semester.

This program is being updated, more information weill be published before 15th October 2020.

Master's programme in Geographical Information Systems (iGEON)

The iGEON program is provided jointly by Lund University and ITC-Twente University in the Netherlands. It is internet based and as a student you have the opportunity to choose the study pace (50 or 100%).

As an iGEON student, you will receive basic hands-on training in the latest GIS software. You will also gain extensive theoretical knowledge in the subject. You will also learn database methodology, cartography and deeper knowledge of GIS methodology in various applications.

After completing the program, you have theoretical and practical knowledge of GIS that can be used in various subject areas. This knowledge is sought after in the labor market, especially for applications in natural sciences, social sciences and engineering where the spatial dimension is important. Your knowledge will also be relevant in hydrology, agriculture, forest management, defense activities and spatial planning.

Master's programme in Geographical Information Systems (iGEON)

Master's level studies entry requirements:

To meet the entry requirements for Master's level studies, you must:

  • have been awarded a Bachelor's degree from an internationally recognised university.
  • be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognised test, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent. Find out about English language proficiency requirements here.  
  • there may be some other country specific requirements.

Read more about country-specific requirements for Master's studies on the website.

Still on your last year of Bachelor studies?

In general, Master's programmes require a Bachelor's degree as a basic admission requirement.  If you are in your final year of undergraduate degree studies, most programmes will still accept your application to the programme. This is known as an application with 'qualifications pending'.

Find more information on the way forward for final year Bachelor's degree students.

How to apply

Watch this video on how to apply to a Master's programme at Lund University.

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