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Theory and Methods of Physical Geography


Course contents

This course gives you an introduction to the basic physics, matematics and statistical methods used within physical geography.

After the course you will have an improved insight and understanding of basic mathematical and statistical methods of physical processes in the biosphere, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, as well as their mathematical formulation. You will be able to formulate simple mathematical models for analysing dynamic systems, as well as for collecting data of different physical, chemical and biological processes.


Besides lectures you will exercise with computer based analysis- and presentation tools, information collection with both oral and written presentations. You will work individually as well as in groups.

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Course facts: NGEA07

Level: Basic
Credits: 15 ECTS
Period: Autumn, period 2
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: General admission requirementsNGEA01, as well as secondary school courses corresponding to the Swedish “gymnasium” Matematik D, Fysik A, Kemi A and Biologi A.

Course curriculum

Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
Sölvegatan 12
S-223 62 Lund

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